mobile gourmet and tech...

In case you missed it, food trucks have moved upscale. Back in the day when I worked construction, we called them "roach coaches", but no more! I had heard about this new trend but was introduced to it personally when our daughters school fundraiser catered the event with Bernies Burger Bus and the food was great. So what is the tech angle here other than great food for a geek?

The "technology applied" here is about how these folks make themselves known. If I want a burger, I can search google or my iPhone and find the closest Whataburger in seconds. But these guys are always on the move so how do they compensate? No worries, they all have Facebook and twitter accounts. When your craving a burger, or noodles, or a gourmet hot dog, just look them up there to find their current location. Or in Houston, jjust check the museum of fine arts page dedicated to keeping you up to date on the food truck of the day working from their parking lot! No more looking for a food truck at the nearby construction site, now they are at museums, and hip coffee shops, and catering parties.

If your a Houstonian and want a shortcut to following these folks, I've started a list you can follow on my twitter account called mobile food | houston. Enjoy. Maybe I'll see you in line soon.