newsflash... sensational headlines drive web traffic!

In case you missed it, some major news outlets were reporting that the new iPad was overheating. In short, my experience and that of almost everyone else who owns a new iPad is that it may get every so slightly warmer if used extensively. However, it is rarely hotter than your body temperature and almost never hotter than your laptop.

CNET UK has a couple of great articles here and here that confirm (in thier words)...

Confirmed: New iPad's heat a non-issue

Yes, the new iPad runs warmer than its predecessor. But it's no hotter than your average laptop, and not extreme enough to change our overall opinion of the device.

It really is irritating that formerly reputable news outlets are resorting to the tactics used by your local evening news broadcast.... "Can the iPad burn the pants off your lap? News at 11!" Of course the answer is NO, certainly not. But they don't care if you have tuned in. Or in this case, once you have linked to their web site they don't care if you actually read the article, they just wanted to boost their click thru numbers.

If you are at all interested in this topic, pleae take a look at CNET's extensive testing. They have charts show temperature measured under many conditions as well as testing comparing the iPad to a Dell laptop. Thanks CNET for bringing some intelligent conversation to a world where Henny Penny is often the only voice we hear.