HyperShield for iPad | geeky name great product...

As I have mentioned, I did get a new iPad on the 16th and for more than a week I only had the Apple smart cover. I was as nervous as a cat at a rocking chair convention carrying it around with a naked back.

Since I was upgrading from an original iPad, I wanted to keep the smart cover and find a back only shell for protection. I also wanted something that would have a texture and give it nice "grip" when held with one hand.

I looked at films, at hard plastic snap on covers, leather, and heavier abuse resistant cases. I settled on the Glow Soft HyperShield back cover for a few reasons.

1... the soft case would give me the textured grip I was looking for (and I was not disappointed... it has just enough texture to feel secure carrying it around)

2... it is tanslucent and came in clear as a color (so I could still see the free engraving ordered on the back)

3... it was available immediately (since it is a soft cover and can stretch a bit, the new iPad's slightly thicker dimension were not a problem so this case fits iPad2 and the new iPad)

4... it was on sale for $9.95!

Note that if you don't have a 5yr old to impress with the glow in the dark covers, you can get them in colors to match the Apple smart covers as well.

Here is how they describe their TPU covers...

Available in 10 colors to match the Apple Smart Cover, HyperShield works perfectly with the Smart Cover to offer complete protection of the iPad 2. HyperShield is made of durable TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which gel-like shock absorbing properties protect the iPad 2 aluminum back from bumps and scratches.

It is only 1.4mm thin so you hardly feel it. Unlike silicon or other similar materials, TPU retains shape, form and color even after repeated use, insertions and removals. It is dirt-proof and washable, keeping itself and the iPad 2 in perfect condition for a very long time.

You can check out these and other products at the HyperShop website.