iTeleport on sale..

iTeleport for iPhone & iPadWe have posted about iTeleport here on the blog back in January. Their software lets you control a computer (mac or windows machine) from your iOS device. The software works great and we use it extensively at Envision. They have also added a Mac desktop client as well so you can now control the computers you have running iTeleport connect (the free software you install on the computers to be controlled) from you desktop computer as well.

The only drawback for most people is that iOS software was $24.99. That was not a problem for us as we use it to control a number of machines, but it was a bit too pricey for most users only wanting to control a single machine.

Good news... iTeleport (iOS and desktop) versions are on sale this week. The 60% off sale on iTeleport puts it at $9.99 for iOS and $19.99 for Mac desktop version. I suggest you check them out if you have ever wanted to see or control your computer from another Mac or from your iPhone or iPad.