why is pinterest so sticky...

from Mashable articleIf you have read the book Made to Stick by Chip Heath, you may have some idea of what makes and idea "sticky", but in general most people are baffled by the success of Pinterest. Until they use it of course, and then most or hooked without really knowing why. I think this quote from the book can help explain.

“The Aha! experience is much more satisfying when it's preceded by the huh experience.” 

Case in point today from Bob Borson who recently posted "Pinterst for Architects" on his Life of an Architect blog. As a "recovering architect" myself, I love his idea of creating boards on Pinterests to share ideas about "architecty" things like materials, lighting, furniture, etc. follow Bob on Pinterest

HUH? followed AHA! may describe the experience of most people who sign up for Pinterest or Twitter. However, not everyone will immediately "get it" once they start using the service.

Or maybe some people need a purpose beyond simple "sharing" to find it useful. Services like Pinterest and Twitter are successful because they are based on a single simple idea, they have no learning curve for the user, and their "use case" for each person can be completely different. CNN and my daughter are using Twitter, but not for the same purpose.

If you have not yet tried Pinterest, you may want to head over to their website and try it out.  And if you are are already on Pinterest, lets help Bob out by "pinning" more architecture "stuff".