what is iCloud again...

iCloud by AppleApple has released a new iCloud TV add and apparently (as Alex Lindsay said on the TWIT network) has decided that "show me" is better then "tell me" when it comes to explaining this service.

Actually, Apple may have started to realize that iCloud should not be marketed as a "services" but more as a "feature" that makes your iOS devices and Macs work seamlessly together.

iCloud is a tool to keep your personal stuff synchronized between all your Mac and iOS devices. It is not perfect, it is NOT a tool for business, and there are features I would like to see added. However, unlike mobile me, it does work and it is FREE.

My two favorite features are..

... photo stream syncing (so that I can choose to have any photo added to any device automatically show up on some or all of the others)

... cutting the cord that tethered my iPhone to a computer (so now my backups, and syncing can happen via the cloud and I rarely have to plug my iPhone into my computer)

You can go here to find out more about iCloud or go here to watch the new TV add.