ipad 3 is simply called "new ipad"...

Apple's new iPadApple introduced a new iPad yesterday with a retina display (the screen has double the resolution of the current iPad), a 5-megapixel rear camera, a quad-core graphics chip, and options for 4G LTE network access.

They also introduced an upgraded Apple TV that will support the new higher resolution. Both will go on sale next Friday, March 16th but you can pre-order now at Apple's web site. The good news is the starting price for the "new iPad" remains the same at $499 and the iPad 2's now start at $399.

I am not sure I agree with Apple when they call it "revolutionary" but I must admit that as a first generation iPad owner, it is a very big "evolutionary" upgrade. Of course, you can go to Apple's website or check out the lengthy article at ArsTechnica to learn more. As we move forward, I think we will find that the new iPad is more than just a nice upgrade in specs, it will be the iPad that lets application developers take us to a level of computing power we never expected in a tablet.