Finally!!! Office for your iPad.......


Too bad it's not from Microsoft.  In recent weeks I had been asked by a client when is Microsoft going to release Office for the iPad.  My answer was that I heard rumors that it would be out any day now.  That was two or three weeks ago, so today when I saw my client and they asked have you heard any word on Office for the iPad, I decided to check and see what other options were out there. 

That's when I came across CloudOn a nifty little app that is geared toward business users with iPads that are looking to easily create, edit, share and save their work. Your documents are stored in the cloud via your DropBox or account, letting you access them whenever you're online.  CloudOn users have access to Office features such as, tracking changes in Word, undo buttons, manipulating pivot tables in Excel and viewing PowerPoint slideshows in the iPad's full presentation mode. Users can also display, edit or create charts, insert formulas, change formatting, spell check, or insert comments into any Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document.  

How can they do that you wonder? Well CloudOn is a partner of Microsoft and Adobe and they have licensed the technology used to deliver the Microsoft Office and Adobe components of its service.  Currently this app is free but the rumblings are that a pay structure is coming.  From what I see now this app is a win for those needing or wanting the Office features they are accustomed to using via their desktops.  

If curious check it out while it's free.