good bye instagram ;-(

If you have read the blog in the past, you know I am a fan of instagram. I recently posted about the success the app has had and the estimates of their future growth with the introduction of an android version of instagram.

However, no one had any idea how successful the founders of the company were about to become. Enter Facebook and a deal to purchase instagram for ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

I have two reactions...

... Happiness for the entrepreneurs who had a fantastic idea and made it a reality.  Enjoy your very early retirement.

... Fear for what Facebook will do to destroy and app and a service I really love. We won't know for a while what Facebook will do with instagram, but my experience is that instagram was simple, uncluttered, unobtrusive to it's users, and fun to use. I don't think many of us would use those words to describe Facebook.

There is a great post on gigaom taking about the backlash from instagram users and trying to determine why Facebook would spend that much money on instagram. Of course they say because it is such a great app and they just want the best for their users (paraphrase of course), but many feel it was a preemptive strike to buy out a competitor that was a threat to their social network (at least as it relates to photo sharing). In the end, they may just be buying 30 to 50 million users?