Microsoft Office 2011 Snafu

On April 12th Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for MSOffice 2011. This update has caused the user database to become corrupt for many users of the software. So much so that Microsoft has since pulled the package from autoupdates, although, you can still download it from their website. Yeah, that makes sense! At Envision Design, we have several clients that have been adversely effected by this update. It doesn't happen to everyone, but it does effect a high percentage of the people that run the update. In the meantime, DO NOT install this update! Microsoft hopefully will fix this problem soon and re-release the service pack. Even then I would wait to see if there are any other glitches.

If you are one of the many folks that find yourself with a corrupt user database, there is a fix! The good folks over at MacFixIt have released a HowTo guide on how to rebuild the database for your user identity. You can find that here: MSOffice2011_Repair