Tech Tuesday & iPad drawing today...

TECH [nology] APPLIEDToday is the day we give away a new retina iPad at our monthly TECH TUESDAY meetup  and we hope to see you there.

At Envision, technology applied is our business and we love what we get to do for a living. However, as Geeks, we realized two things...

... technolody can be fun

... technology is NOT just for geeks anymore

... people love to talk about this stuff

(ok... that is 3 things I know)

So we decide to use  as a way to get together with friends, family, clients, and others in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and "talk tech".

Whether you want to talk about the latest codec supported by your digital video editing software, your hight score on draw something on the iPhone, or get some ideas about what this "twitter thing" is all about, we hope you can join us at our monthly "Meet & Geek".