iPO | 42 . day 01 - keyboards...

Here is the new setup at work. Same as before except that now it is an iPad and a computer. Previously it was a MacBook Air and a monitor. So I still have two screens, but now they are independent with one running iOS and one running Mac desktop.

On to keyboards. I knew that a real keyboard was a must if this was to replace my Air. I also that one of the benefits of the iPad for me would be the ability to use the iPad easily without the keyboard. So my criteria...

... had to easily detach from iPad

... as close to full size as possible

... store and carry easily when not attached to iPad

... would like to have some protection on the iPad when not part of the keyboard

I will post more later about other keyboard options, but long story short I am using the Origami Workstation by inCASE. This $29.95 "workstation" is designed as a case for the $69 Apple bluetooth keyboard.

As a case, it folds over to protect the keyboard and has locking curved plastic clips inside that snap the keyboard in place to keep it from sliding out.

When you open the Velcro flap, it folds back and together (thus the origami name) to form a stand for the iPad. You can orient the iPad in portrait for landscape mode, but there are no attachments to keep the iPad secured to the stand. 

So total cost is about $100 and was in the same range as other bluetooth keyboard options. For me, this solution was perfect as it allows me to keep the current smart cover and back protection I have on the iPad and just pull out the keyboard when I need to do some serious typing. As a side note, you could use this stand for an iPhone or any other tablet by simply pairing the Apple keyboard to any bluetooth compatible device as it is really a carrying case for a keyboard that folds into a stand when in use.

note... I also have added the Apple Magic Trackpad to my desktop setup as that supports many of the gestures on the computer that we are used to on the iPad.