iPO | 42 - starts today....

Starting today, I am giving up my MacBook Air for 42 days and will be working with an iPad as my only mobile device (iPhone excluded of course). Look for daily post detailing my experience.

At this point, I am guessing you are thinking one of two things depending on your computer experience and usage.

Either...  "You must be crazy, the iPad is NOT a notebook replacement. You won't last a week!"

Or... "DUH, why would you carry around a huge notebook when you can just take the iPad".

I know that both reactions are valid with respect to the question... "Can the iPad replace my current notebook computer?". I know we get that question as consultants almost daily and I am committed to exploring this in a real world environment.

I actually tried this when the original iPad was released a few years ago. My conclusion was that the iPad was a great mobile device, but was not a realistic replacement for a notebook computer at that point. Fast forward 2 years later, 65 million + in iPad sales, and 600 thousand  available applications, and I think the answer might be different this time.

As a technology consultant, I believe strongly that the growth in this industry for the foreseeable future is in mobile. I don't think desktops will go away, and I don't claim to know the ultimate form factor mobile devices will take. However, I do believe that we are in the middle of a sea change event similar to the rural to urban population shifts we have seen in the world since the 1900's.

In the US the rural vs urban population split was 60% rural vs 40% urban in 1900. By 2000 we had shifted to 20% rural vs 80% urban. Estimates are that this gap will continue to widen worldwide. I think we are going to see a similar shift from desktop to mobile in the technology requirements for most computer users in the very near future.

I know we are early on this curve, and that there will be some creativity needed on my part to make this work. But that is why I am committing to 42 days of iPO to find out what works and what is still a challenge.

Stay tuned for updates. And please comment and share your thoughts and ideas as well.