iPO | 42 . day 9 - remote control computers with your iPad...

Less than 10 days into this experiment, I have found several things I REALLY needed to do on my iPad that could not wait until I got back to my desktop computer. I make a living as a consultant specializing in Apple technologies, so I had no illusions that my iPad would fully replace my MacBook. But like most people, I am convinced that the iPad is more than enough "mobile computer" for my needs 80% of the time.

So what to do the other 20% of the time? Most technology experts agree the simplest solution is to leave your home or work computer on and connected to the internet and use the iPad to access it remotely. I agree whole heartedly and posted about my current favorite app for that ( iTeleport ) here back in January of this year. I like iTeleport because I am in control of the setup and don't have to pay a third party service. It can be configured for Mac, Windows, and Linux desktops, works all the way back to iOS 3.2, works on 3g, and has support for custom key modification support.

However, there are a myriad of other options available for the iPad these days and the folks at Gigaom have a great post talking about 14 of them. Take a look if you think you might have a need for such things, it has already saved my bacon several times recently when I either forgot to put a file into dropbox or needed to run an application on my Mac that is not yet available for the iPad.