Daylite productivity Suite - best just got better!

For years, Daylite (by Marketcircle) has been hands down the best desktop software for small business collaboration and customer relations management available for the Mac. With the meteoric success of the iPhone and iPad they had added mobile apps to their already great product list.

Yesterday, they announced the release of the long awaited new version... Daylite 4. It would be unfair to call this a product upgrade as it is really a complete rewrite of the software and rethinking of the interface. The software has always been a powerful tool for business ready and willing to put forth the effort to really "manage" their projects, task, opportunities, calendars, clients and staff. But the new version reflects why so many of use use Apple products. It is clean and simple yet deep and powerful.

Although I have spent less than 24hours with the program (after having used daylite for many years), I can already tell you this new version is amazing and I expect it will transform how I work. And transform how our team at Envision colaborates with each other and interacts with clients. 

Click on the links above or the image on this post to learn more. And please call or email us at Envision Design if you are interested in implementing Daylite in your business.