how to turn off preview of iOS messages...

This tip is just a quick follow-up to the previous post showing you how to sync your messages between iOS devices.

It has been in iOS since v5 but I thought a reminder might be timely here as so many of us are now using iPads as well.

By default, notifications for messages will pop up on your iOS device and show you the message as well. This is fine when you are the only one lookat the the screen, but now that we are all sharing so much info on our iPhones and iPads, it can prove embarrassing or just inappropriate when a private message pops up in the middle of demonstration you are doing on your iPad.

This problem is easily avoided by going to Settings / Notifications / Messages on your iOS device and turning preview off.

This will help you avoid the embarrassment of a text message from your coworker popping up in the middle of you iPad screen asking "is your meeting with our jerk boss is over yet?" ... while your boss is looking at your iPad screen reviewing this months TPS reports ;-)