new "iPad killer" on the block? Microsoft introduces Surface..

Microsoft introduced their own tablets yesterday and the similarities to iPad are many. The hardware looks very good but as they say in the Gigaom article... "the devil will be in the details".

It is no surprise that there is another company throwing their hat in the ring to compete with the wild success of the iPad. And why not Microsoft, as they have been pushing tablets longer than anyone. Will this be the time they get it right?

My big question, are they really just trying to jump on the mobile bandwagon (albeit it very late) with Windows phone and now Surface, or is this secretly a way to entice their loyal customers to have a reason to upgrade to Windows 8! Historically Microsoft has had to drag their customers kicking and screaming into the next version of their OS. Case in point... you can still buy Windows XP for goodness sake! Interesting that Microsoft would risk pissing off all their partners by making their own hardware and directly competing with all the vendors that support their OS. Maybe they are thinking Surface will be the compelling reason people will want to upgrade to Windows 8?

Let us know what you think.