iPO 42 | day 43 . all done?

42 days of using my iPad as my ONLY mobile computer has ended. Actually it has flown by. I expected it to be a real struggle to make it 42 days without a notebook. Instead, it has worked so well for me that I expect I will continue with this setup at least thru the end of the summer and possibly beyond.

I will keep blogging about my experience of course, but here is a quick summary of what I have found so far.

What was easy...

... email, internet, calendar, contacts, tasks mgmt

... media consumption (movies, books, audio, etc)

... "fun stuff" - yes there is an app for that (many in fact)

... access (4g verison iPad was connected and fast everywhere)

What was hard...

... finding the right blue tooth keyboard

... working with a "lite" version of sofware on the iPad

... remote control of other computers (working in IT it took a bit to find the right solution for this)

... demo's ( sometimes I need to demo products that are not yet on the iPad)



My biggest struggles will not apply to most users as they don't need to remote control servers or give demonstrations of desktop software to clients while away from their own computers. I think the biggest issue for a typical user will be...

... access to documents

... choosing software on the iPad for editing files 

I will post more about this soon, but for now just be aware that even Apple's own software offerings like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote only offer a subset of the features of the desktop version.

Also note, the reason this experiment is working so well for me is due to the fact that I am currently spending about 75% of my working day at a desktop computer. I am really loving what the iPad can do and the fact that I have substantially lightened my load of the stuff I carry with me everywhere.

In the end, it will be a personal decission based on need and job description that determines whether you can use an iPad to replace a laptop. However, the line between laptop and tablet is bluring quickly so don't blink or you may miss the transformation.