WWDC next week...

WWDC is Apple's World Wide Developers Conference held every year about this time in California. I know that most of you reading this blog may not be "that" geeky and may not really be that interested in the goings on at WWDC.

So why post about this event at all if it is only for developers who make up a very small subset of Apple users? Here is a snippet from a post at Mactrast that sums up the reasons quite well I think.

WWDC begins in less than two weeks, and considering the huge number of possibilities for the event (news about iOS 6, Mountain Lion, MacBook Pros, and more), the excitement level couldn’t be higher! This morning, Apple fed our anticipation even more by releasing the schedule of events for the conference, as well as an official app for attendees.

When this event sold out in under 2hrs, the rumors began to fly about what might be announced. I really have no inside information about this, but I assume an announcement about new MacBooks is a done deal. My under-dog pick in the rumor race... that the hockey puck Apple TV, which runs iOS, will get a software upgrade an add the same app functionality we have on our iPhones and iPads.

We will keep you posted.