New Mac Virus in the wild

There is a new Mac Trojan going around called OSX/Crisis. This bug was found by the researchers at Intego and is ominous for two reasons. 1. It does not require any interaction by the user for it to be installed. and 2. It uses an anti-analysis technique commonly used by Windows virus writers to try to prevent reverse engineering. This makes it harder to know what the writers are looking for and harder to fight it.
The fact that there is no user involvement to install the virus is particularly worrisome. This means that all someone would have to do is visit a web page infected with this and their Mac would be infected. There is no prompt that the users has to agree to for the virus to be installed. It installs two folders on users computers: /Library/ScriptingAdditions/appleHID/ and /System/Library/Frameworks/Foundation.framework/XPCServices/
The virus is looking to spy on users Adium, Firefox, Safari and Skype sessions and reports to and gets instructions from a server at:
What can you do? GET AN ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAM ON YOU MAC!!!! I can't stress this enough. Macs can no longer claim to be immune to viruses, so get a good anti-virus program installed on your Mac and be sure to update the virus definition regularly.