Another Reason to Have a Mac in Every Room

Recently I have been researching  IP security camera setups for the both outside and inside my house.  What I found out is that the outside cameras are very expensive for the type of camera you get based on resolution and the width of the shot.   Most of the outside cameras were not any better than the camera's you can get on a brand new laptop.  So needless to say I'm going to continue to wait for prices to drop and technology to get better before I decide to buy.

A option I found for inside the house is a app called iVigilo Smartcam from a european company named Naboo. The product uses the camera on your Mac as a ip sercurity/survellance camera for your home or office.  So every room that has a Mac could serve as a security/survellance station as well.  The comapny claims to have some pretty exciting features that include facial detection; email alerts; motion detection; and live broadcasting over the web just to name a few.  Currently, there are no reviews on this product and it just came out on the 14th of August. The only drawback is that I don't see a clear way to actually record the video the is being viewed.  So with that said I'm going to wait a while see how other people fair before I dive in.   Until then I think it could be option at a later time while I wait for the outside cameras to get cheaper.  The app is available right now at the appstore for 2.99 and the iPhone apps are at the iTunes app store.

Vigilo is latin and means "remain awake / be awake / watch / provide for / care for by watching / be vigilant".