is iPhone 5 the best phone Apple has ever made?

As everyone now knows, the iPhone 5 was announced on Wednesday. The big three new features were as expected, 4GLTE, an A6 processor, and a bigger screen. You can go here to see a comparison of the iPhone 4, 4S, & 5 to learn more about the differences.

But there are a "gazillion" places on the web were you can read all about that. What came up in our discussions here internally at Envision Design was "Does Apple really need to tell us this is the best phone they have ever designed"?

Is that just marketing hype or does Apple really believe it? As a "recovering" architect and one who spent years in the design profession, I think they do mean and believe it. I think it shows in their products that they are committed to and believe in making the best designed and engineered products they are capable of producing. I think that is key to Apple's current phenomenal success right now as well.

Apple's products are not perfect and they are bound by their responsibility to make profitable products as well. However, I think the reason there is such "hype" around their products and not others, is most people don't see this kind of commitment from other manufacturer's. They see new devices from other company as "also-rans". Just an new version of the same thing with something added as a marketing gimic to get the consumer to purchase it.

I know this is professionally produced and editied, but take a look at Apple's vidio about the making and design of the iPhone 5 and let me know if you believe that Apple actually believes internally that this is the best phone they have ever made.