It's A Design Thing - Kickoff

I can't help but view things through a designer's eye....and when I mean things I mean everything. From toothbrushes to televisions, writing utensils to eating utensils, bicycles to bifocals....every day I am confronted with something "designed" for a particular purpose and I can't help but ponder whether it is great design, hopelessly bad design, or something in the middle. You see, I am a technically trained, degreed Landscape Architect turned wannabe IT professional with a keen eye for good design. Granted, design is much like art in which beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is subject to personal preferences and opinions. However, function always supersedes form so much so that something can be entirely distasteful and disgraceful in form but overwhelmingly functional and thus is typically viewed as a success. It is the meld of the two that is rare and exceptional. I have always been and continue to be impressed with the form and function of Apple products.

Yes, like anything, there are some hiccups here and there but overall the Apple line of products is superior to the rest when it comes to both qualities. Mind you, this is coming from a seasoned PC user for many years before seeing the err of my ways and converting. I mean, most of us 80's - 90's kids really had no choice. If you wanted to study, work, or be productive you had to be compatible with others. I.E. play nice with the PCer's. 

Let's be honest here. Key word is compatible and Mac's weren't always that compatible especially prior to the evolution of the Intel processor and it's integration with Mac's or further the development and continuing evolution of OSX. Most recently iOS and Apple's series of iOS gladiators. Of course I'm talking about the iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone. All of which are owned by a PC'er, IBMer, Android'er, or at least one of their kids. Everyone wants to be like them and can't and everyone claims to be like them but isn't.  That's okay. 

The world can and will coexist with PC's and Mac's because we are a society of choice. The more choices the better....right? I agree that options are good but why not keep things simple....remember the old saying....seal it with a KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. In the ever changing world of IT, what seems almost by the second, why not choose something that is simple, beautiful, functional, user friendly, and forward thinking? I've made my choice, have you?  

Okay, now that I have generally professed my love for Apple products and I have stepped down from my soapbox, I want to use this "sermon" to segway into what will be the basis for my blog entries in the coming months. You may have guessed by the title and body of this blog that it will be....come on....your almost there....that's right....DESIGN! Good or bad (but mainly good) IT products, opinions, news, etc., centered around design will be featured in my blog. 

To kick things off, check out these awesome iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini covers by Toast. These are 100% all wood, customizable covers that really stand out in a crowd. From and aesthetic standpoint, these are about as sweet as it gets. However, I have not had the pleasure of speaking with nor do I know anyone with a Toast cover so I would be interested to hear from anyone who has. Again, function is just as essential as form and I have several questions regarding the adhesive back, longevity, scuffing, etc. All that said, I just can't stop looking at their website and the endless possibilities. Stay tuned as I just might have one of these by next months blog entry.....