Mint - Your Financial Life

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Ok, so it's a new year and if you're like me, maybe one of your resolutions is to get smarter with your finances.  Well, if you haven't already heard about it, you need to know about a FREE online service called Mint

Mint puts all your financial accounts in one place! You can the set a budget, track your goals, and do more with your money, for FREE!

Doesn't sound safe? Don't worry! Mint has more than 10 million users who know their information is always secure.  That's because they use 128-bit SSL encryption – the same security that banks use.  Plus, since Mint is read-only, no money can be moved in or out of any account.

If that's not enough they have free mobile apps which means you can track your money on-the-go.  

Definitely worth a look.  What are you waiting for?