It's A Design Thing - Cupholder Speakers

So after writing the longest blog last week (deemed by colleagues as "the novel") and probably losing most of the readers of our blog by the third sentence, I decided to take my own advice and seal this one with a KISS.  Refer to my last blog if you are not familiar with the acronym but beware, you will need to plan ahead and take some time out of your day.  

That said, welcome back for the second installment (of many) for my "It's A Design Thing" blog.  This week I found an interesting product offered by Kagan Unlimited.  Check out these speakers for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad.  

I am still wavering on whether these are good design or bad design and I can tell you that the determining factor for me personally is sound quality.  I'm also not convinced that the application is all that great either.  I mean, how often are you looking for another cup holder in your vehicle?  The eight you have just never seem to be quite enough...right?  

Regardless, I am intrigued by the product and if you are not all that worried about where your cup of jo, phone, breakfast, change, etc. is going to "live", then this product might be intriguing to you as well.

Kagan Cup Holder Speakers_2.jpg