It's A Design Thing - Cover Up

There's a saying we are all familiar with....what happened to the good 'ol days?  A time when we ate home cooked meals, gas was much cheaper, there was only one choice for a video game console (I.E. Atari), and cell phone was the phone mounted to the wall at the county jail.  


Back in those good 'ol days, you may remember when you were required to cover your text books to protect them.  Some of the more well off students had these fancy shmancy pre-made covers that you could just slip on the text book.  The majority of us though had to delicately "make" our covers out of brown paper bags...that's right...plastic was not available yet.  This made your cover completely customizable.  It was now a canvas for you to create whatever your heart desired.   

Well, the good 'ol days are back and have been thrust into the modern age of technology.  Check out this product by Papernomad!  It is exquisitely simple, durable, and sustainable.  All things near and dear to my heart (see previous blog ramblings).