iPhone 5S hands on

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 8.20.08 PM.png

So i have had the iPhone 5S for a few days now and i am going to be writing about some first hand impressions. I am using a 32gb Verizon iPhone 5S in Space Gray! 


  Fingerprint Sensor

This was a feature that at first i kind of thought to myself "meh" but after using it i can understand how awesome this is. It makes purchasing apps and signing into the device a whole lot faster and is a lot more secure then a passcode which anyone looking over your shoulder could find out. 


  New Camera

The new camera is definitely worth mentioning as it comes with one of the coolest features in my mind which is shooting video at 120 FPS. What this allows you to do is shoot the video and slow it down without losing quality and capturing the finer details that you wouldn't normally see. Here is an example . The new camera also allows more light in for a better picture with an improved flash system that actually includes 2 flashes.



The new iPhone is definitely faster and it is noticeable when doing intensive tasks such as playing games. Infinity Blade III which is considered a flagship release for the iPhone 5S is a prime example of this.  the game runs noticeably smoother then on its predecessors. This is due to the new A7 chip which benchmarks twice as fast as last years. The A7 chip is also the first 64bit to be introduced into a mobile device other then a laptop and given the fact iOS 7 is optimized for 64bit it makes it scream!


Over all this is a great phone and it performs very well and if you decide to get it, you will not be disappointed.