Power Outage II

A few weeks ago I commented on and praised the new iOS 7 with the exception of battery consumption.  It is and probably always will be a battery hog but as noted in the blog, there are certain settings that can make a small difference.  However, if you spend any time at all on your phone, especially utilizing other apps like most of us do, you will continue to have performance issues and require charging throughout the day. 

If you keep finding yourself in the precarious situation with little or no charge and you desperately need to use your iPhone for "whatever", then I have the solution.  It is called the Power Bank.  It is about the size of a package of gum, hooks to your keychain, and provides up to 9 hours of extended battery life.  Great thing is it works on ANY device utilizing USB for charging.  And for a limited time it is available for $9 (retail $39) from Living Social.  So don't spend $75-$150 on battery packs when you can own this for $9 and get the sense of security your iPhone and wallet aren't getting drained.