Still trying to get your hands on an iPhone 5S?

With Apple's sales records being shattered with the release of the new iPhone 5S it's no wonder that they are still hard to find 40 days after their initial launch. Most Apple stores around the nation still have lines piling up in the morning with customers looking to get there hands on a new iPhone 5S.  

Apple has opened back up their online reservations for the iPhone's in which you can go online and choose your phone and if it is available you can then reserve it for in store pickup. 

To do this go here then chose the device you would like and then select in store pickup and complete the check out process.


To make you life a little easier you can go here and put in what you are looking for and it will pull all the stock information for the stores surrounding your zip code. 

Another option is not to go to the Apple store but check with your carrier stores, best buy and radio shack. A lot of people tend to forget about these places which makes them prime targets for having devices in stock.