Your own private cloud for $99...

You may remember a while back we posted information about a new device called the Transporter. It is an all in one device that allows you to privately store and share your data across the internet. What is now being branded as a "private cloud" storage system. This simply means you have a way to store and share your files on the internet without having to pay for use and access to a third party server or service.

These same folks have introduced a new, less expensive product call the Transporter Sync that basically has the same functionality as the previous model, except YOU provide an external USB storage drive for the data. Very handy if you already have a drive and data you want to share. Take a look at the video and their site to see if this might the product for you. 

We should also note that the Transporter software has been updated and now allows sharing and access abilities almost identical to Dropbox. So if you are familiar with that service, you already know how to use a Transporter. The difference being YOU have control of your data and you don't have any monthly fees beyond what you are paying for internet access (which is obviously requited to share you data via the Transporter).

And of course, they have iOS and Android apps as well so you can access the data from your mobile devices.