I recently started using Evernote (via recommendation from my boss, THANKS!) for creating a variety of  day to day notes such as store lists, task lists, long term to do lists, etc.  Historically, I have used the "Notes" app which comes pre-installed on all Macs via the OS and it has served me well.  It has limitations though specifically in the arena of sharing which is important for my wife and myself.  Evernote allows us to create lists and notes that both of us have access to, essentially in real time.  

It also has several other features as listed here.  The most recent being a tool called Web Clipper.  This tool allows you to markup, annotate, edit, capture…okay pretty much anything you want to do to a webpage to remind yourself of something or get your point across.  Extremely useful in any environment.  Check out the video below.  Then...go get Evernote and start organizing and keeping track of your life!  Btw…did I mention it is free!