Selling your iPhone or Electronic device?

Are you looking to upgrade your device to the latest and greatest?  With all the recent releases of new "toys" from Apple it would be great to unload your gently used device and get top dollar for it with little or no hassle.  Maybe you're not eligible for an upgrade so getting top dollar would be beneficial?  Look no more! will help you do just that.  As an alternative/competitor to, uSell gives you an offer immediately from a trusted network of buyers and turnaround for payment is within 5 days from the date the buyer receives the device.  Not much different from Gazelle but good news to you as a seller is you now have another site where you can get a competitive "bid" and see which will give you the most.  Again, without having to use eBay or Craigslist and the hassle that goes with it.  Also, uSell will buy your Nook's, PS3's, and XBox's.  So what are you waiting for?…sell your device for top dollar and get that new iPhone 5, iPad Air, or iPad Mini (later this month) just in time for the holidays!