Download your gmail

For those of you that use google as your mail provider, that is a lot of us. I actually have both a gmail account and have them hosting my personal domain's e-mail. One of the big complaints about gmail is that there are few tools available to download all of your email, calendar, contacts and other item stores on Google's web servers. However, this week Google has announce that you can now download a copy of calendar's data. They also announced that starting next month you can also download all of your e-mail and contacts. This is very helpful if you want to have a backup of your e-mail etc.. or if you want to move your email to a new service provider.
To download your info, you have to go to your account settings and where you will find a "Download your data" link. Click that and create an archive. Once the archive is created you can then download the file. You can read more about it here.