How to keep photo libraries in sync


So like most people today i have a large photo library. There are 2 important things about having a library that size. The first thing is how do i keep all the photos in sync with each other? and the second is How to make i sure that all my memories will always be there for me.

I use Dropbox for this. It is perfect for the task and i will show you how to accomplish both. First you must have a dropbox account. Secondly depending on how big your photo library is you might need a paid dropbox account. I am also assuming that you have the dropbox software installed on your computer and of course i am assuming you have a mac :)

Ok so first thing we need to do is close iPhoto or Aperture. Then we need to copy your library to your dropbox folder. I create a separate folder in dropbox for my library but you can put it wherever you like. After it is copied over you will notice that your account for dropbox in the menu has changed as it is now uploading your library to the dropbox servers.

Next we need to tell iPhoto or Aperture where you library is now located. For iPhoto when you start iPhoto hold down the option key. A list of libraries will show up and select your new one located on your dropbox folder. In Aperture select preferences from the Aperture menu and in general change your library location to the path of your library in dropbox.

That is it! Your library will now always be in sync with your other machines and it will automatically be backed up for you.