It's A Design Thing - iWatch?

The buzz regarding this product is almost unbearable.  Reason being is that "IT" first was talked about and rumored in late 2010 and "IT" had a lot of interest then.  Three painfully long years later we may actually see "IT".  Recently "IT" has been getting much more attention and as of late last week it was announced and confirmed that we could see this product from Apple at some point this year.  What is "IT" and what more could Apple give us that we don't already have?  Nothing more than the coolest watch ever! 

Introducing (again)....the iWatch!  Besides it beautifully designed outer shell, this device will of course be equipped with Apple's iOS and will have all the functions we have become accustom to.  It will also have the ability to sync with your other iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPad mini, and iPod.  I can confidently say that I have never waited in line for days for anything, but in this case I just may be "that guy".  Just don't tell my boss.....wait.....did I just.....