When to upgrade

Over the past couple weeks I have been asked a question over and over more often as we are approaching mid cycle of the iPhone 5.. Should I upgrade now or wait?

With Apple having a pretty similar release schedule it is easy for people to always want the newest and latest gadget Apple has to offer. This advice goes with all devices not just iPhones. You must ask yourself these questions.

1. Do you need it now? Is your device still working?  if its not working then I would say its time to upgrade.

2. Is your work being impacted? If your unable to get work done or able to get work done in a timely matter then I would say now is a good time.

3. Can it still so what you need? Maybe you are in design and your current machine can't handle the newest version of Adobe CS6

The biggest reason people ask this is because they know there is new technology coming out and they want to have the latest. Unfortunately there will always be new technology coming out. Your current device or computer won't stop working just because a new one came out, if you need it now then get it now.