simple, elegant weather app for iPhone...

I know that sometimes it seems like there are as many weather apps for iPhone as there are flashlight, fart, and tip calculator apps. And to be honest, I will admit to having purchased several over that past year or so. Each with it's own special feature (like weather radar or the ability to save multiple cities) that was a must have at the time. 

But I realized that 90% of the time, I just want to check the temperature and a quick forecast for where I am right now. I need to know if the kiddo needs a jacket, or if I should take an umbrella, or if the weather looks good for a cookout this weekend.

Enter my new favorite weather app, Haze. So much so that it is taking up a slot on my precious home screen! It does not have every feature you might want in a weather app,  but what it lacks in features, it makes up for in clean, elegant, smart design. It is one of those apps that is developed by people willing to really think about how to make best use of the iOS touch screen, accelerometer, compass, and create something that does its job with ease and style. I still have my other weather apps on my phone buried in a folder on my second page. I will use them when I am traveling, or need to see radar when the next big storm is headed for Houston, but for a quick check of the weather and a reminder of what can be done when smart people design for the iPhone... Haze will keep it's spot on my home screen.

You can get Haze for .99¢ in the app store.