New threats agains Flash and Java.

This week there have been some high profile security breaches in the software that runs on your Mac. Flash is at risk again as well as Java. It is reported that hackers have been actively trying to exploit these security holes and targeting Macs.
With all of the security threats lately, you might find it is confusing trying to figure out if you have a version of software that puts your computer at risk. The software venders don't make things any easier with the higglety-pigglety way they number the versions of their software. For instance, Adobe has three different "current versions" for Flash. They are: 11.6.602.167 for OS-X and 11.6.602.168 for Windows and 11.2 for linux.
Juggling all of the version numbers of all of the installed software on is daunting, but there is a easier way to find out if you are at risk. Point your browser to: This site will check the vulnerabilities of all of the vital components of your browser and give you a simple report and links to install updated software, if it finds a problem.
You will need to check each browser that you use separately. I found problems with Safari that are not a problem with Firefox etc...
Thanks to the Internet Storm Center team for providing the link to the site.