It's A Design Thing - Eyes Free

So this installment of IADT is a bit different than the others.  YOU won't be impressed by the "beauty" of this product, or be blown away by it's "form".  What YOU will be impressed by is its function.  Not just impressed either...but appreciative and maybe even a bit thankful.

Eyes free_1.png

I know the suspense is eating away at you by now so let's have it.  It was recently announced that Siri will gain a new feature called "Eyes Free" and that General Motors and 9 other automakers will adopt it starting in 2013.  What is "Eyes Free"?  Click the link and find out.  Impressive technology for a safer world!  There are millions of  people that could benefit from this technology and I guarantee I will see 200+ during my commute today.  Oh by the way....I'm one of them.  Let's get smart and keep our hands and "eyes free".