drobo founders introduce the "transporter"

Sorry all you Star Trek fans, this is not the transporter you were hoping for. It is, however, a pretty cool combination of hardware and software that lets you "transport" you data easily from one place to another. The folks at Connected Data (makers of the transporter) call this the first "social" storage device. So what does this mean, simply that you are in control of who you share your data with.

We are in the process of testing one here at Envision and are very pleased so far. Simply put it looks like you can host your own private version of a service like dropbox for $300 to $400. Of course it is not quite that simple, but it does allow you to take control of your data and how you share it. Of course, it has other uses if you start to purchase multiple transporters to function as a remote backup system. And as you would expect, there is desktop, iOS, and Android software for accessing you data.

Take a look at the video here and let us know what you think. The Transporter is available from Connected Data directly or from online retailers like Amazon and starts at $199 for an empty device so you can insert your own hard drive. Of course they offer a 1TB pre-installed drive for $299 and $399 will get you a 2TB model.