Google says forget passwords, get a ring!


Declaring war on the humble password, Google’s new invention turns a ring on your finger in to a security device.

Passwords. The delight of the script kiddie and our — admittedly often lazy — way to secure accounts ranging from Facebook to corporate systems. When some of the most common passwords we use worldwide include “qwerty,” “ninja” and “password,” it’s no wonder tech giant Google believes that with the rising threat of cybersecurity, passwords simply don’t cut it anymore.

So, what can we do about it? How about create password-replacing jewellery that would open your account through a system of authentication far more difficult to breach?

The idea is that you have a USB key that verifies your identity when plugged in by solving a mathematical problem posed by the site you're trying to access.

So there's no password that could be copied, nor any information generated that could ever be re-used to log in again.

The prototype is said to also use NFC for mobile devices.  If your worried about looks, Google says they will have a stylish option for you to wear.