It's A Design Thing - Organization Zen Style

Clutter!  It's all around us....every day....everywhere.  Whether it be in our homes, at our workplaces, in our cars, in our minds.  Clutter cannot always be avoided, no matter how hard we try because simply put, life is way too busy and hectic to avoid clutter altogether.  However, it can be managed.  

So when the management of clutter get's a bit too much to bear, I, like so many, turn to the clutter-free think tank (I.E. the internet) and search for whatever gadget, consumer product, book, video, etc that will de-clutter my life.  Or in most cases, have my wife asking "why?". 

In the quest for my most recent clutter-free product, I stumbled across the Pen Zen by Quirky.  This product is well-designed and well thought out by combining the 5 trays and/or mini trash cans you currently have on your desk into one beautiful and simple organizer.  Mini trash cans is not a metaphor in this case either.  It is a reference to those little holders from Ikea, Restoration Hardware, or Pottery Barn that sucked you in at the checkout line and added more clutter than organization.  So when you're ready to actually get organized and not shoot a magazine ad, check out the Pen Zen and trash the trash cans.