How long will your shiny new SSD last?

SSDs (Solid State Drives) are the lastest rage in computing these days. This is because SSDs can speed up your computers ability to read and write data. This makes the computer seem like it's MUCH faster. However, SSDs have one major draw back, and that is they have a limited number of reads and writes that can be performed on each cell. Normal spinning hard drives (HDDs) do not have such limitations. Most SSDs limit the number of writes to either 100,000 writes per cell or 1,000,000 writes per cell.
For those of you who have jumped on to the SSD bandwagon, you may be wondering how this translates into real world life of your drive. Fortunately, someone has finally put pen to paper and calculated the time that a SSD would theoretically last if you were to saturate the bus and write as much data to the drive as you could for as long as you could. For a drive with a 6Gbs bus, it means writing 750GB of data every second.
It turns out that SSDs will last for a very long time. For a 256GB drive that is capable of 100,000 writes per cell would last for just under a year under such a load. However, a 256GB drive that is capable of 1,000,000 per cell would last for over 9 years under this kind of load.
Because most drives don't experience this kind of extreme loads, they should theoretically, last much longer. This does NOT mean that your drive WILL last that long, but it at least has the possibility of lasting that long.
You can read the report here: (caution scary math).