Will Apple get into mobile payments?


If you follow the rumor sites about Apple, word on the street is that Apple is set to surprise everyone and introduce a big new future on it's iPhone 5S model that could be introduced as soon as this summer.

No one seems to know, but my money is on a fingerprint reader.  Why would Apple put a fingerprint scanner in it's next iPhone?  To be more secure?  Unlikely.  Apple has more than 500 million iTunes accounts with credit cards.  

It’s my guess that Apple isn’t simply going to use NFC as a tap and pay gimmick, but rather to become a payment processor. The intermediary in between a merchant and the credit card companies. Apple will be able to let you seamlessly buy anything and charge it directly to your iTunes account, and it will take a reasonable commission on every purchase made.

In fact, you can already walk into any Apple store, pick up, scan, and purchase any product using your iPhone's camera.  These purchases pull directly from your iTunes account.  

I guess only time will tell for sure...but in the mean time...buy more Apple stock!