It's A Design Thing - Save Your Back In Style

Yes sir!....Sold.  I was just perusing the internet for my next installment of IADT and I got sucked in.  Sucked into a website that I had no real intention of staying on but I was so intrigued that I had no choice but to stay and dig deeper.  What product was I so interested in that "forced" me to buy....just because it was so darn incredible?!  Here's the thing....yes the product is cool, hip, and essential....not to mention functional and well designed.  All the things I look for in my IADT blogs.  However, the product is not what caught my eye or kept me on the site.  It was the site itself!  

A well designed website is something special and all too often overlooked and/or under-appreciated.  The simplicity of the site is what kept my attention, but the little things like instruction, graphics, Q/A, and passive interaction kept me pressing on till I found myself loving the website, company, and product.  So, take a gander yourself and checkout bellroy and their incredible line of back saving wallets.  Pay close attention to their introduction to you as a company, how they can help, specific instruction on what to do (not even pushing their product on you), and then finishing with a solution....THEIR PRODUCT!  That's the last impression they give you....but certainly not the least.