It's A Design Thing - Ridin' In Style

The two main keywords I reiterate the most in my IADT blog are simplicity and function.  The simplicity component is just common sense but reigns through my head at alarming regularity from my college years and my professor constantly saying "it's too muddled and complex, seal it with a KISS".  Of course KISS is the acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid and although my professor was not calling me stupid or questioning my intelligence (which at times he should have) he was making a point about the symbiance of good design and simplicity.

Function is what I harp on most when referring to design be it that so many designs are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but lack any real functionality.  So again, when the two come together to create anything be it a building, landscape, computer (I.E. Apple not the other guys), furnishings, food, whatever! is a beautiful thing and worth admiration.  

I stumbled upon a product recently in my quest for human kinetic transportation (IOW a bicycle) and I was instantly in love.  I'm not a bicycling fanatic by any means but I do embrace healthy living and exercise and these "fixies" will do just the trick.  They will also do it in style as the line of bikes from Solé embrace all components of great design...simple, functional, beautiful.  As a "fixie", these bikes reduce the need for ongoing maintenance and tuning, eliminate excessive cables for braking and gear changing, and allow the user intimate control.  Better yet and unlike so many bicycles out there these days, it will not break the bank and for the next day, they are on sale at $80 off retail.  So....what are you waiting the streets in style and get fit while you do it!