It's A Desgin Thing - Bubbles!

A colleague of mine turned me on to a website the other day listing the top 22 best product designs of the year, awarded annually by the Design Museum.  My first and obvious question would be..."top designed products for 2013?...but it's only April...I would feel slighted if I had a really cool product with a release date in May".  That's just the cynic in me talking though as I'm sure products are considered for a calendar year prior to the actual awards show right?....never mind....bygones.

Cynicism aside, one of the nominees for this years top designed products is exceptionally cool.  I have yet to dissect it's functionality but the idea is intriguing to say the least.  Check out this light fixture by Front.  This remarkable product combines imagination, interactivity, and simplicity to create endless "shade" possibilities.  Around 3 million if your counting.  As a father and a forced supporter of bubbles and bubble "technology", I can only imagine the endless shade possibilities with colored bubble medium....Front meet Crayola....Crayola meet Front.  My work here is done