Adobe Creative Cloud


Last week Adobe announced that they are abandoning traditional licensing in all future releases and discontinuing Adobe Create Suite as we know it. After CS6 there will be no more Creative Suite it will all just be Creative Cloud. You will have to be using Adobe's subscription model if you want any future versions of the software.

They also announced that they will be releasing a new set of redesigned apps this June to all Creative Cloud members. Here are some things you should know.

  1. The software is not in the cloud. The software is installed just like a normal Adobe application only difference is it will be download only.
  2. You do not need a constant internet connection to use it. Only to download and every 30 - 35 days it will do a activation check to make sure that your monthly fee has been paid.
  3. There is different pricing plans which i will outline below.
  4. It does include 20b of free cloud storage that works with Adobe's touch products as well.

As far as pricing goes you do have a few options. Prices are per month

  1. $49.99 - This is for people who do not own CS3 or later and are not a student or teacher.
  2. $29.99 - This is for people who own CS3 or later and can provide proof they own it. This price will go to the full $49.99 after the first year.
  3. $19.99 - Education discount. If you are a student or teacher you can get this pricing for the first year. After that it will go to $29.99 until you are no longer a student.
  4. $19.99 - This is for people who want only one application and not the all the apps.

Pricing for Teams is as follows.

  1. $69.99 - For new users and not prior owners. This is per person and includes 100gb of storage.
  2. $39.99 - Per Person. This is a special pricing for people who own CS3 or later and can prove it.

You also always have the option of a free trial of Creative Cloud to see if it is for you. Adobe will give you 30days of limit less access to applications.