It's A Design Thing - 5 in 1 Adapter

If you're into organization like I am, especially when eliminating those unwanted cords, cables, wires, etc., then I have found the remedy for you.  This product is especially practical and handy especially in today's world of technology "needs" where we are constantly carrying around at least 3 mobile devices such as a laptop, phone, name it.  It seems that we are perpetually looking for connectors, charges, adapters and incessantly stringing them together in some outlandish configuration resembling the likes of a scene from the Matrix.  This handy 5 in 1 connector is 1/2 the size of a piece of notebook paper and can "adapt" to a significant number of different devices without the need for a cable collage.  Enginuitive puzzle design keeps all the parts together.  Available from Kikkerland.