It's A Design Thing.....Winds of Change

For the most part and for the better half of 50 years now, the construction of skyscrapers has been "figured out" mainly due to the introduction of tubular steel in the early 60's.  They are recognizable in form most often resembling geometric blocky shapes with occasional and rare variations in shape, generally due to cost.  However, with every passing year, new technologies and innovations allow if not promote modifications to the tried and true system of skyscraper design and construction.      

So in theory, the idea is exceptional.  Actually, it's beyond's revolutionary and non-conventional.  But I want to be clear, this is still an idea and/or concept and one that is only in the early stages of design from Smith + Gill Architects.  That said, it could change how skyscrapers are designed from this point on.  Intrigued? more and embrace the winds of change.